Nautical seats

It is important the comfort of the captain and the crew during navigation. This is why you should always buy seats that have the best quality, in addition to adapting to the space of the boat or sailboat. In case you find yourself in the search for a sailing boat seats we recommend that you visit the website of easy navigation.

This web portal specializes in the sale of nautical products. only sells products of the best quality, especially from the best European brands.

Nautical seats available

On its website you can find from double seats, foldable nautical seats of a person, seats with storage devices, among others. Each of these seats is intended to be placed on the outside of the boats, although some of them can be placed anywhere on the boat.

The double nautical seats are made of polyurethane, they are also covered with plywood, their hinges are made of aluminum. One of the advantages of this double armchair is that it can be used for exterior or interior. It can also be placed on a pedestal or without a pedestal, adapting to the requirements of the owners of the boats.

In the case of marine seats with storage spaces, these are made of pvc resistant. It is also supplied with cushion, in this way people can stay comfortable for the duration of their trip at sea.

Warranty Available

All these seats are guaranteed for two years, they are easy to install. Also, they do not need a large number of tools for their placement. One of the advantages of these products is that they are easily cleaned, and they do not stain easily.

Shipments are made in a period of 7 working days, after having confirmed the order, has its headquarters in Madrid, ​​however, it also makes shipments throughout Europe


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