Diluents Nautical Paints

Diluents Nautical Paints: It is always necessary when painting certain areas of our ship, to have the necessary materials to make the decoration ideal, that is, if the boat will be used for a festive purpose or another occasion, it is essential to have reach all kinds of quality accessories that can guarantee the best results, however it is important to know that not only good quality paint is required but also it is essential to acquire the best thinners for nautical paints .

In barcos.online we have a wide variety of products and accessories for the care and maintenance of your boat as our company places at your disposal the best materials for your boat and everything related to nautical services.

Types of thinners for nautical paintings

Our company has the possibility to provide you with the best thinners for nautical paintings from all over the market, with the best variety and quality, without counting on the fact that we have the most accessible prices. Among the different types of thinners we can name:

  • Diluent Veneziani 6700 for enamel

This type of diluent is in a half-liter presentation. It has been specially developed to be able to dissolve enamels containing one and up to two components as long as their application is with guns. Among the various diluents for nautical paintings that we have, this is ideal for dissolving nautical paintings since it has been prepared to make the primer Aquastop, Resin 2000, Ecoplast, Ceramite, Adherpox, Epoxy, among many others. This product has a modest price of only 13.60 euros, which makes it much more accessible and attractive.

  • Diluent Veneziani 6380 for Gummipaint

This diluent is available in a half-liter presentation ideal for dissolving one- and two-component enamels. Its cost is really accessible since it is at a value of only 12.48 euros.

  • Diluent Veneziani 5780

Among other diluents for nautical paints is the Veneziani 5780 solvent presentation in a half-liter modality. It has been specially developed for ANTIFOULING 55 TF enamel types, as well as Gel Gloss Pro, Wood Gloss, Polyrex pro and Wood Mat.

  • Diluent Veneziani 5610

Solvent whose presentation is in half a liter mode. It has been developed for one and two component nautical paintings. It was formulated to make Epoxy, Aquastop, Subcoast, Ceramite, Epomast Pro and Adherpox primers. Its cost in the market is really accessible since its price does not exceed 9.36 euros thanks to a wonderful discount of 20% over its original price.

  • Diluent Neoprene cleaner

Another diluent for nautical paints that we can offer for you is the neoprene cleaner which has been developed specifically for the application on fabrics whose material is neoprene, this is done before the glue is placed on the fabric. One of the qualities of this diluent is that it contributes to the elimination of impurities and helps the fabric have better conditions that allow the glue to last longer.


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