Nautical hinges is an excellent and reliable company of wholesalers of nautical instrumentation with a business experience of 15 years. has specialized in distributing to large powers, such as Portugal and Spain, naval-type materials, counting with more than 100 agents in each of these nations. Now they have decided to take a step towards the future and open their wings, and thus elevate their business to much higher levels. They have decided to start with an online store in which the private client may be able to choose and acquire the naval products as nautical hinges of their choice from the comfort of their home. Everything via the internet!

What are nautical hinges?
Basically the nautical hinges are a mechanism used for the doors or the windows of the boats, and they consist of a luck of device constituted by two metallic parts (or of plastic, in certain cases) that are united by a common axis and fix both parts to two different surfaces.

In this way, it allows the mobilization of the pieces in the form of rotation so that one can be joined on the other, or separated in the opposite case.

So both windows and doors (of boats, in this case) can open and close normally.

What does offer?
As a company committed to its work, offers only the highest quality products from all over Europe, made with the finest materials and under the most stringent quality controls.

The company’s catalog has the finest nautical hinges in the market, such as the Inox 230 × 250 mm hinges for seat assembly, the polished stainless steel hinge 65 × 55 mm.

Short Wing, the Chrome Hinge for Lids, the Invisible Hinge Polished Brass 52 mm, among many other top quality hinges

It only remains to say that is the best option in terms of naval care. If you want your boat to have the nautical fittings and naval accessories of the finest quality, then there is no doubt that is the right choice.

Also, it is worth adding that the treatment and customer service offered by the company is optimal, as customer satisfaction is the most important for the large family of


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