Anchors for boats

The anchor is one of the most important tools for boats, especially during navigation, since it allows the boat or sailboat to be in a specific place of the sea. Being on the tide it is possible that the sea moves the boat a little, so you must always descend an anchor for boat to provide stability to the boat and thus ensure that the boat does not move through the area we chose.

In case you are looking for the perfect anchor for your boat, you can do a search on website. This is an online nautical store in Alicante, which also has an excellent catalog of anchors for boats ,with their respective characteristics.

The galvanized anchor  

One of the anchors that most commercializes the online store, is the galvanized anchor type CQR , this anchor model is made with metals of the best quality and galvanized to fire, its production was made in Italy.

The advantage of this anchor is that it allows a greater grip on the boat, it is a product of the highest quality. In addition, during its production process, it goes through different quality controls to ensure that it is a product that will meet the requirements of the owners of the vessels.

Characteristics of the anchorThis boat anchor has a hook-like design, has a tip at the beginning and then begins to broaden as it begins to acquire more size, this allows the moment it is launched at the bottom of the sea has the same effect as a shovel .

The tip of the anchor begins to be buried in the sand and this allows it to go nailed a little more, in this way allows the boat to stay in one place; The anchor has a lifespan of several years, in addition the store provides its customers with a warranty service for the galvanized anchor.

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